Our History

The Paxton Woman's Club has a long rich history of severing the community of Paxton. 

During her tenure as a member of the club Mrs. Vernon E. Prentice, wrote a 3 page summary chronicling the PWC's history from 1931 to 1987.  

Below is a brief timeline of the PWC early years from 1930-1952. 

Timeline: 1930-1955

October 15, 1930: The purpose of the Paxton Woman's Club was to better the community. The first meeting had 12 members and dues were $1.00

1931: Admitted to the Massachusetts State Federation of Woman's Clubs.

Meetings took place in Allen Hall, on the second floor of the Town Hall. The club owns a large set of china

October 6, 1937: Cancer Control Drive

November 3, 1937: Discussion to flood Illigs Pond for ice skating

November 11, 1937: A Doctor spoke on cancer control

December 15, 1937: Sent a letter to the Selectman requesting that proper speed limit signs be posted within the village limits and enforcement be urged

January 5, 1938: Motion to ask the Boy Scouts to fill in and smooth out the bumps to make sledding less dangerous on community playground

November 1938: Book Reviews

October 1939: Voted to go back to evening meetings

1939-1940: Annual report records 33 members

October 23, 1940 Report of Community Cookbook sales. Voted to ask the Recreation Committee about putting lights on the pond for skating

May 7, 1941: Mrs. Arthur Lawler presented a bouquet of flowers in honor of her 25th wedding anniversary

October 1, 1941: Every member was urged to join the course in Air Raid work, which took place that winter

December 3, 1941: Presented a progress report on cancer control

March 4, 1942: 12 ladies including Miss Caroline Everleth (Cally Stone) modeled historical costumes dating from before 1850

1941-1942: Annual report records Red Cross sewing and knitting classes. First Aid. Veterans bags made and filled. Bought Defense Bonds/Stamps. Dr. Thomas P. Cunningham donated his pay for being the school physician.

September 1945: Victory Bond Goal for the Town of Paxon was $8,000. The PWC raised $600 of the goal.

April 6, 1949: "As the PWC is a member of the Massachusetts State Federation, it was suggested that we take more interest in their projects..."

September 25, 1950: Meeting held at Tatnuck Woman's Club

May 24, 1951: Admitted to the General Woman's Club Federation.

A note recorded "...for the spirit of cooperation and willingness to put our money making drives over, but a woeful lack of responses when the roll call was read. Plans for the coming year will be carefully thought out out and the success of the club is up to everyone."

October 3, 1951: 2 New members admitted, Mrs. Vernon Prentice and Mrs. Clifford Spongberg.

October 29, 1951: President's Day, 20 club represented at the State Federation meeting. Mrs. McGovern, State Federation President resigned

January 2, 1952: Mrs. Abbott read 4 resolutions which have been acted on by the National Federation of Woman's Clubs. It gave a look at what a national organization does with the backing and work of all the small clubs.

May 1952: Donated money towards baseball uniforms for the Center Grammar School Team

Timeline: 1956-1981

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Timeline: 1982-2007

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Timeline: 2008-present

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65th Anniversary, 1995

NEADS Tour, 1996

Yearbooks 1949-1960