Standing Committees

Members of the PWC form committees to carry out the Club's mission and philanthropic directives.  All members are strongly encouraged to serve on a committee. 

To get involved, please reach out to the Chair/Co-Chair or any affilaiated member of the Paxton Woman's Club. 

Together "we can do it!" 

Executive Board: consists of the President (Geri Graham), Vice President (Julie White),  Secretary (Kathy Ferguson), Treasurer (Carol Riches), and Auditor (Nancy Wilby). The Board is charged with overall management of the club and business when timely action is required between general meetings.

Education/Programs: shall plan and carry out all club programs. Co-Chairs:  Diane McMorrow and Kathy Card

Hospitality: shall make arrangements for the dedicated luncheon/dinner events including the Christmas gathering and Annual Meeting. Co-Chairs: Marianne Girouard and Dee Malone

Membership: Focuses on recruitment, retention and recognition of the club. Chair: Becky Sullivan 

Outreach: Provide outreach to PWC members in need of support. Co-Chairs: Denise Faucher and Sharon Faucher

Publicity/Marketing/Technology: ensures timely and accurate communications about the PWC through various media including the Club's official website, Facebook page, and e-blasts. The committee assists other PWC committees with marketing and promoting their events and programs to inform and engage our members and community. Chair: Carrie Wood

Scholarship: shall have charge of awarding the yearly scholarship to a Paxton high school student. Co-Chairs: Pat Belsito and Kerrie Flynn

Transportation: shall coordinate the transportation needs of members who request it. Co-Chairs: Dee Malone and Ann Bergin. 

Ways & Means: shall supervise the raising of general funds and work with the Scholarship Committee on scholarship fundraising ideas. 

Publicity: shall compile information for the club and distribute information to local media outlets.